Pregnancy Prep & Fertility Menu

for preconception health, fertility, pregnancy & dad

Preconception Prep

Consume while preparing the body for pregnancy, within the next 4-6 months. Foods including a combination of choline, folate, Vitamin D, folic acid, EFAs and mineral rich foods, enhance female organ health and future baby development.

Preconception Breakfast Bowl

Kale, quinoa, cauliflower or brussels sprouts, yams, 2 scrambled or yolk eggs topped w/ avocado, pepitas, radish, miso sauce or salsa.

Preconception Veggie Bowl

Yams, kale, brussels sprouts or cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, rice, your choice of chicken, tempeh or scrambled eggs, soy ginger sauce or tahini lemon sauce.

Preconception Drinks

  • De-Bloat juice, add: turmeric, ginger, MCT oil, aloe vera and cayenne.

(reduces inflammation, supports liver detox)

  • Fertili-Tea, hot herbal tea

Enhance Fertility

Eating a diet rich in healthy green veggies, organic protein, essential fatty acids, and progesterone strengthening foods can enhance fertility.

Fertility Salad

Grilled chicken, chickpeas, avocado, brown rice, cucumbers, yams, zucchini, pepitas on mixed greens w/ side of lemon & olive oil.

Fertility Wrap

Hummus, chicken or tempeh, avocado, yams, zucchini, pepitas, mixed greens on choice of sprouted multigrain tortilla or  brown rice tortilla.

Fertility Drinks

  • Bone broth with Collagen Fuel (pre-order only)

(enhances minerals!)

  • Fertili-Tea, hot herbal tea

  • Pregnancy Tea, hot herbal tea

  • Mother's Milk Tea, hot herbal tea

  • Ginger + Green Tea, hot herbal tea

Pregnancy 1st Trimester

Nutrition Goals: Iron, EFAS, folate, enhance progesterone, hydration.


Chicken, yam, beet and avocado over brown rice. (No herbs)


  • (Seasonal) Watermelon, beet, chia, ginger, raspberry)

  • Pregnancy Tea, hot herbal tea

(helps hydrate, nausea)

Pregnancy 2nd Trimester

Nutrition Goals: Anti-oxidants, protein, EFAS


Spinach/Kale/Greens with broccoli, pepitas, chicken and avocado over quinoa or brown rice w/ miso ginger sauce.


  • Original Green Drink w/ NO lemon add: beet, blueberry, MCT oil, collagen

  • Pregnancy Tea, hot herbal tea

(helps hydrate, nausea)

For Dad's To Be

Dad's count too! Men can improve sperm quality by eating a diet rich in folate, selenium, zinc, essential fatty acids and healthy protein, which significantly contributes to baby wellness. Consume 4-6 months prior to conceiving.

Big Daddy Maker Sandwich

Egg salad or grilled chicken, pesto, spinach, tomato, avocado, pepitas on toasted artisan or sprouted multigrain bread

Big Daddy Salad

Grilled chicken or egg salad, avocado, pepitas, almonds, sprouts, tomato, on mixed greens w/ side of ranch dressing.

Preconception Drinks

  • Heart Beet juice, add: blueberries, turmeric, MCT, collagen and maca powder.

(balances hormones, anti-oxidant, enhance fertility)

Luscious Lorraine's has collaborated with local naturopathic doctor Shannon Sinsheimer to create a menu that promotes a healthy pregnancy and baby. The Pregnancy Prep & Fertility

Menu is part of Dr. Sinsheimer's Natural Pregnancy Prep program

and is now available at Luscious Lorraine's!