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Mission Possible

At Luscious Lorraine’s, we saw the need for casual organic food, using the best possible ingredients from locally-grown produce, that you can eat and afford on a daily basis. We provide organic, fresh, clean, REAL food, carefully prepared fresh daily, and at an affordable price.  All baked goods are my own recipes, made from scratch, and with love. It is a labor of passion and commitment that has inspired innovative delicious offerings since 2000. 


We are not “fast food” instead we offer you real food cooked or prepared fresh from scratch!  Because we create our food in small batches, “when we are out, we are out” - but don’t worry - we will always make more tomorrow!  We focus on providing nutrient-dense foods to fuel your body. Our food and juices are unique because your nutrition should be individualized for you!  Not one diet fits every body.  So, while our diversified menu is largely plant-based, we offer options for everyone!


We source our organic ingredients from our local farmer's market and also local small farms.  Luscious Lorraine’s has supported our local farmer’s markets since 2008. This, in turn, supports our larger community by providing the best possible ingredients for all of us, using sustainable, regenerative agricultural practices. 

Chef Lorraine Ornelas

Lorraine has been a guest Chef at the markets, presenting cooking demonstrations and education. Using only ingredients available at the market that day, Lorraine helps encourage creative ways to utilize fresh seasonal farmer’s market produce and artisanal products. 


What we put into our bodies has such a huge impact on our health. Our goal is, and always will be, to provide great nutrition, on a daily basis, for your best possible health.  “LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE” and let Luscious Lorraine’s provide it for you!!


~Lorraine Ornelas, Owner/Chef

“Give the gift of good health” - Luscious Lorraine’s gift cards.

73910 HWY 111

Unit F

Palm Desert,

United States

(760) 862-1911

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