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3-Day Organic Juice Cleanse

- $175

Currently offering a FREE 15-minute consultation with Chef,
Owner and Functional Nutrition Counselor, Lorraine Ornelas,
with purchase of our popular 3-Day Organic Juice Cleanse

Our 3-day Organic Juice Cleanse is specially formulated to help flush toxins from the body, cleanse the intestines and colon, feed vital organs and boost your immunity. Live organic vegetable & fruit juices contain powerful nutrients that improve digestion, promote healthy cell growth and increase energy.


beet, carrot, celery, parsley, ginger


celery, kale, spinach, parsley, romaine


carrot, celery, cucumber, spinach, parsley, cilantro, tomato, garlic, lemon, ginger

How it Works

Step #1: Call or visit us in-store to schedule your 3-Day Organic Juice Cleanse. Remember to choose a start date that best fits your schedule, as you will need to pick up your juices each morning.  Start Dates: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs.  48 hour notice required to begin cleanse / for pickup of juices. 

Step #2: $175 pre-pay is due at time of scheduling.

Step #3: Pick-up juices each morning (x4 juices per day). We recommended to eat lightly or no solid foods for the duration of the juice cleanse to achieve best results. It is important to let us know of any medical conditions in order for us to tailor the cleanse to your needs. Drink lots of water in-between juices and call if any questions or concerns arise.

Please visit us in store or call to book your cleanse / inquire.

*Please note, 3-Day Organic Juice Cleanse's can be scheduled no later than Friday before 12pm to begin the following Monday.

73910 HWY 111

Unit F

Palm Desert,

United States

(760) 862-1911

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